NextCODE Services Overview

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The engine for Claritas tests

The WuXi-NextCODE solution offers access to a full range of sophisticated data analysis, interpretation, and extensive data mining services. Developed in Iceland on the world’s largest collection of whole-genome data and now used by the leading precision medicine institutions in the US, Europe and Asia, WuXi-NextCODE’s system mines, manages and interprets more genomes than any other. 

That robustness is the foundation upon which one system is built that both generates actionable genetic data and employs genetic information directly in large-scale research – a critical nexus for patients with rare conditions that often are not well understood.

Claritas uses the WuXi-NextCODE solution for its unrivalled range of data analysis, interpretation, and data mining capabilities. These integrate powerful de novo mutation detection algorithms, allele frequency filters and mode-of-inheritance models, backed by WuXi-NextCODE’s clinical knowledgebase – built on 350,000 whole genomes. 

An important benefit of the WuXi-NextCODE system is that its unique database model enables – for the first time - cross-institutional and international collaboration using large sequence data sets in real time and at raw resolution. This places Claritas at the heart of a global network of rare disease clinicians and experts, optimizing diagnostic yield and the sharing of best practices to our patients and partners worldwide.

About Claritas

Claritas Genomics serves children affected with complex genetic disorders by providing timely and accurate results, resolving families’ long search for answers. By combining clinical expertise of the world’s best pediatric specialists with innovative platform solutions, Claritas is working to improve patient care and enable new discoveries. We are committed to the highest quality and accessibility of information and our interpretive services and unique approach to reporting set the standard for reliably and clearly communicating genetic information.

Now is the time to integrate genomics into clinical practice to inform, guide and improve medical treatment for kids around the world.